Customer Satisfaction In Surabaya

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Bambang Purwoko*
Department of Master of Management, Graduate School, University of WR. Supratman, Indonesia
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The existence of a tourism ambassador in the country can not be separated from the Surabaya history of Ning and Cak as well as window barometer and Indonesia, Surabaya birth Cak and Ning does not take a long time to be followed by other affluent areas that until now have been prevalent throughout Indonesia. Existence Cak and Ning of Surabaya can be said to contribute to the foreign tourists to come to East Java. Moreover, the program "Surabaya
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Basically, the purpose of a business is to create customer satisfaction. This fact can be seen, that there are some things that can provide total customer satisfaction is customer value consists of the value of the product, service value, personnel value, the value of the image or images, and the total cost, consisting of monetary cost, time cost, energy cost , and the cost of mind (Kotler, 2000:50).
The existence of good service quality in a company, create satisfaction for its customers. Once consumers are satisfied with the products or services it receives, consumers will compare the services provided. If consumers feel completely satisfied, they will buy again and give recommendation to others to buy in the same place. Therefore, companies need to start thinking about the importance of customer service in a more mature through quality of service, as is now increasingly recognized that the service is a vital aspect in order to stay in business and win the competition (Tjiptono, 2004:145).
Table 1.
Comparison of foreign tourist visits in East Java in Indonesia in 2006-2012
Description 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012
East Java Province 101,10 131,80 208,40 352,70 411,20 200,40
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This suggests that the existing attractions in East Java still got heavy competition from other regions. One cause is the lack of facilities a tourist attraction in East Java, which is less convenient as transportation, sanitation facilities tourist attraction, thus making the travelers move on to another object. The impact is the ratio of the visit showed a downward trend since 2010 until 2012. Means that the year 2010 to the year 2012 the tourism industry in East Java experienced significant competition, so that the tourism industry in East Java got a tough challenge in the arena of national tourism. If not responded to quickly by the East Java provincial government, it is not impossible tourist destination in East Java province will be left by foreign travelers.
Based on the background above, the researcher is interested in studying the effect of service quality and customer satisfaction with the trust and loyalty of foreign tourists to visit tourist attraction in East Java Province
The purpose of this study was to examine the influence of service quality and customer satisfaction with the trust and loyalty of foreign tourists to visit tourist attraction in East Java

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