Customer Service In Travel Industry Essay

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Abstract: Customer Services concept is directly related to Travel industry because it is based on customer expenses and without the customer there is no Income. Good customer service is required at every part of travel industry as well as it is essential to the success every company either it is flight, hotel, travel agency, restaurant, etc. In the travel industry, customers today expect more than they did in the past so we must always try to continually improve level of the service to enable us to keep up with customer expectations and leads to excellent customer service in the travel industry.This theoretical study is based on secondary data where it includes the information published on the theme of travel industry in various internet sites. This…show more content…
Travel industry and customer service
3.1 Travel industry
Travel industry is made up of a number of individual sectors including the tourism, hospitality and visitors services sector, within each of these sectors there are a number of individual that have attempted to measure customer satisfaction as part of their quality assurances programs.( Foster, D. 1999).
Travel industry: are the Companies that provide different types of travel services, including airlines, cruise lines, travel agencies, tour operators, and online reservations and services. The travel industry serves all types of customers whether it is a recreational, leisure and business purpose and covers the following
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