Customer Service Impact

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Explain the impact of customer service on the performance of the business
Customer service is key to business performance. It helps business’s retain or grow existing customers and win new customers. It builds a business’s reputation and trustworthiness. It also enables a business to be more efficient by improving processes and reducing the number of problems created for customers.
With the ability to quickly adapt and handle customer concerns, customer service represents an area small businesses excel in, according to the University of Maryland 's Robert H. Smith School of Business. Good customer service has the potential to alter consumer viewpoints and provide businesses with important feedback related to the products and services they offer.
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Internal customers, including marketing and product development, depend on the data collected from customer service contacts to improve existing products and services. This data can include information related to safety issues, production problems and poor performance. The internal benefits of good customer service also stretch beyond current products and services. Good customer service departments capitalize on the ideas customers provide for suggested products and services, leading to opportunities for new innovations and revenue…show more content…
I have sadly come across so many company policies that inhibit employees from delivering customer satisfaction, the result of which is poor sales growth and a decline in repeat business.
Let us remember that without regular customers making frequent purchases then there can be no business. Businesses flourish or whither based on their ability to deliver customer satisfaction and develop a loyal customer base.
Three positive effects of customer loyalty
1. Revenue increases due to repeat purchases and referrals
2. Costs decline as less is spent on new customer acquisition
3. Employee retention increases because job pride and satisfaction increases; resulting in improved customer satisfaction, further loyalty, lower staff recruitment costs and a corresponding increase in sales. So how do we deliver customer satisfaction?
What do clients really want from customer facing staff? Here are five basic client expectations when interacting with a potential supplier.
1. Ability to deliver service consistently and accurately
2. Willingness to deliver prompt
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