The Importance Of Service-Based Work

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Service-based work has today become a game played among individuals and businesses. The world of business has become so competitive and has compelled organizations to be innovative in providing their services. Being innovative in serving customers has become a critical growth factor for organizations. Success now relies greatly on an organization’s ability to establish knowledge bases as well as use interpersonal skills. Customer service is subjective as it arises from the perceptions of the recipient and is robustly grounded in customers’ expectations. It is what customers perceive and what they remember after a carrying out a transaction with an organization through that organization’s employee (Ozgur, 2009). An organization has different…show more content…
Research shows that employers have over the years invested a lot of money on customer relationship management technology, loyalty card programs and other technology that, according to them, would have been necessary to improve customer service so that they can attract as well as retain many of their customers. These innovations have been unsuccessful. What has been consistently missing in the enhancement of customer service has been the lack of focus by leaders to the spark between customers and frontline employees. Moreover, many leaders have not yet understood and appreciated the crucial role frontline employees play in organizations and how the service they offer can positively or adversely affect business growth. Additionally, employers generally don’t treat their employees well and this reduces their enthusiasm, for instance, many frontline staff are overworked as organizations fire some of their colleagues or even refuse to hire others so that they can reduce the company’s expenses. They are also victims of low wages. Many of these frontline employees have families and expenses to take care of. When their salaries become too small to set off their debts they get stressed, are not happy and perform below the expected level of performance, and this negatively affects business growth. Some employers also deny them leave, even though such leave is an entitlement protected by labor laws and not a privilege. Others allow them to go for leave but with a lot of resistance and difficulty. Other frontline employees suffer because they are always blamed for all mistakes and the employers always remind them of mistakes they have ever committed. They are condemned even before being an opportunity to defend themselves. Employers are also never concerned

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