The Consumer's Expectations Of Consumers

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Products are made to satisfy the needs and meet the expectations of consumers. A consumer uses products and decides on a product based upon their own consumption system—the way the product is by the consumer getting the product, using the product, and disposing of the product. Additionally, the hierarchy of customer value also plays a major role in the decision-making process for customers. Though concrete attributes signify quality difference across products, the higher level abstract dimensions of quality can be generalized into categories of products. Therefore, a product must perform to an acceptable level according to the consumer’s perception of benefits in their customer value hierarchy. However, a low price or low function product,…show more content…
The role to buy for many consumers is self-actualization, status and style which appeals to a wide audience. For example, most automobiles will perform the task of taking a person from point A to point B. However, it is the design of the automobile specific make or type such as a sports car or luxury car that appeals to the buyer. As for numerous consumers style plays a more important role for some, whereas it is the only role in their buying decision. A well-designed product can also be a point-of-difference in the marketplace aiding consumer acceptance through its ease of use, durability, reliability, or packaging. A well-designed product can be a competitive advantage for smaller firms. No matter what, the design of the product must at least meet the consumers’ definition of a basic product. Once the definition of a product is met, design can be a powerful marketing asset. Although form and function is another component which helps us find the best products out there. Personally the function of a product can be seen as more important. In many products the functions vs. the looks determine the purchase of the product. Many consumers do not buy iPhones because of the way they look but for the reason of the performance which is directly related to the…show more content…
For this reason, consumers should hold marketers to their obligation to produce products and services that meet their needs while at the same time they can acquire at the lowest price possible. Fair pricing does not assign any consumer value definition into its equation and it should not because each consumer will have different definitions of value according to their prejudices. Hence, when marketers try to assign a value definition to its product; it creates a risk of alienating current customers and missing other potential customers. Therefore, assigning a fair price, composed of actual costs plus fair margins, gives marketers the leeway to maximize customer bases. Consumers of today shops around for the best deals, this observation that brand value means nothing now; whereas, consumers are more interested in the overall price of a

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