Customer Service Policy Case Study

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Reasons for using customer service policies
What is customers service policies?
Customer service policies is a mechanism by which employees of the customer services department are instructed about what to do and what not to do for the increasing of the customers is argued that a successful customer service policies will distinguish a firm from the rest of the firm in the industry.
Reasons for having customer service policies
Stable competitive advantage
In hotel and restaurant business, it is a clear evident that the price range for the different items is more or less similar across the firms. So here the main competition forces come from customer service policy of the firms. If a firm has strong and attractive customer service
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Increasing goodwill:
A more systematically developed Customer service policies will create a good reputation among customers. They will consider the product and the services of the firm is superior than other competitors. Customers will consider the firm as a consistent entity who provide superior goods and services consistently
Customer needs analysis for the different types of customers
Customers play a most crucial part in business. Actually they are the actual boss in the is more true for hotel and restaurant business. Whether a firm produce quality product is judged by customers and they are the actual sources of revenue for the firm. There are various types of customerswho has diversified level of needs and expectation from the firm.The costomer can be categoriesd as :
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Some of them are described below
Customers desire that they will be warmly greeted from the people related to the transaction and services. It is very clear that a proper welcome will increase the customer satisfaction and turn them a regular and loyal customers. Customers should not be considered as an intrusion in customer service providing mechanism
Understanding the empathy
The firm should place a mechanism that customers must fell that they are understood and appreciated properly by service providers. Customers simply expect that they should be treated properly. They should not be treated from the perspective of class distinction as it creates annoy in them.
Custromers must be treated fairly. Activities which annoy and disturb customers must be iavoided. activities which creates class distinction must be handled properly if it is necessary for firm since it creates dissatisfaction among customers.
It is a special type of needs from customers which inspire them to believe that the firm is operation for the benefit of customers.Control increses customers motivationto engage with firm and turn the customers into a loyal

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