Customs And Beliefs Of The Igbo Culture, Customs And Traditions

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Customs and traditions of any society, tribe or clan keep them vibrant about the cultural patterns. The people follow the customs and traditions to regulate the social order. But the customs and traditions have two facets .If the people of the society, tribe or clan do not change their customs as per the changing cultural patterns, the issues of culture persist to disintegrate the people from the ethnicity and the issues of identity in different spheres take place as the matter of ‘pride’ or ‘title’ in fostering the right cultural patterns. Arrow of God (1964) reflects the different customs and traditions of the Igbo clan. The Igbo people believe in the religious practices before the colonial administration in the early 20th century. They had their beliefs in the customs and the traditional practices. The custom of celebrating the festival of ‘Pumpkin Leaves’ is explored through the kind of tradition of the people to thank the God, Ulu for showering the blessing on the clan in order to get prosperity in their lives. The sacred ‘moon’ is an evident of the goodness. It can be a doyen of good fortune or a harbinger of evil. The customs and traditions make the people to show respect towards their culture and ancestry. It is the custom of the Igbo clan to offer prayer to their deity. Ezeulu, as the Chief priest of the God, Ulu prays on behalf of the clan; “Ulu, I thank you for making me see another new moon. May I see it again and again. May this household be healthy and

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