Afghan Wedding Customs

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American and Afghan Wedding Customs Marriage is a vital part of human life. It is important because it ties a man and a woman not only physically, but also spiritually and emotionally. Marriage is the beginning of a family, and a long commitment in human life. Marriage has been traditionally understood in every human society. Typically, there are many religions, different ideas and thoughts in different part of the world regarding the wedding customs. Although, the purpose of the marriage in all the world is to unite a man and a woman physically, emotionally and spiritually; the wedding customs and traditions differ from country to country. With some similarities, Afghan wedding customs are different from American wedding customs.

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American weddings can be held anywhere, but often in a church, courtships or hotel. Usually the ceremony is brief, it and can be finished by reciting the couple’s religious belief.
Despite all these differences, both cultures have some similarities. For example, similar to Afghan brides, American bride also wears a white dress and a flower in her hand. The host family prepares a great meal for the guests to enjoy the ceremony. Mostly, guests celebrate the ceremony with giving gifts for the groom and bride, and will dance to share their happiness. Both Americans and Afghans finish their wedding ceremony by cutting the wedding cake.

In conclusion, marriage is one of the most important experience of a person’s life. People celebrate the wedding day with their own cultures. Everybody wants to make an unforgettable wedding day of their life. Americans have one day to celebrate their weddings unlike, Afghans which have three days. In contrast to Americans, Afghans have arranged marriage than love marriage. Henna night is celebrated with Afghani clothes in Afghanistan. Both American and afghan brides wear a white dress on their wedding day, and cut the cake to finish the
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