Cut By Cathy Glass Summary

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In the book “Cut” by Cathy Glass a 13 year old girl is not getting the love and desired attention she needs. I think that the people in a child's life impact them the most in growing up and making them an adult. Parents should help to shape who you become and how you view life. They shouldn't just leave to better themselves. I feel really bad for Dawn it's really sad whats shes going through and what she does because of how her mother raised her and how she treats her, It's really unfair to Dawn. She has a brand new foster home she has to adjust to. She also who has a mother who just throughs her to the side and doesnt care shes there. Lastly she has a social worker who doesn't even try to help make Dawns situations in life better. First off Dawn is a 13 year old girl, and even though she has had no one to guide her through life she should have better morals for herself. I'm not quite how sure a 13 year old girl can…show more content…
In this book the social worker is very reluctant to as what's going on. She always tries to give Barbra the benefit of doubt, even though its not whats right for Dawn. Cathy calls Ruth trying to get better conditions for dawn. Everytime Ruth just says, “Well let’s give Barbra a call and let her know whats going on”(Glass 65). Ruth is really hard to like especially when we as reader see what's really going on with Dawn and what she's going through. Ruth always turns to Barbra thinking that one of these times something will change. I really think that that's a bad idea and she shouldn't do that. If i were Ruth and i kept getting nervous calls concerning a child i would try to do so much more than give the mother another chance. Dawn almost killed herself because of her mother not being there for her and loving her like normal parents would do for their children. I think Ruth is awful and really should try a lot harder to help
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