The Movie Cut Analysis

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The movie Cut is a short film directed by Park Chan Wook. The film begins with a vampire sucking blood from her victim; she gets a call during which she becomes violently sick. Then the camera zooms out and flashes to a back room where a director, played by Lee Byung Hun watches the scene unfold and the audience sees that the first scene is a film being short. The shooting comes to an end. He goes home and calls his wife, using the same lines that were used in the film. After arriving in his room he suddenly gets knocked out and finds himself and his wife tied up. First thing he does when he wakes up is tell the capturer to take all the money and not to harm him or his wife. The captor gets annoyed at him and says this is not how he is supposed to act; according to the movie he directed he should be brave. Then he goes onto do little skits in order to introduce himself; except the producer has no idea who he is. Belatedly, to the delight of his captor he realizes his captor is an…show more content…
There were so many things I missed the first time. So many subtle plot lines so many hints as to where this story was going. Knowing that this was a Park Chan Wook film I was not really surprised about how bizarre the story was. He is known to do weird films with weird story lines. The way he dropped so many hints in the beginning was really amazing so in order to truly get this movie I really think watching it twice would be really beneficial. I think for this movie; his goal was to show that everyone has a bad side to them. It cannot be helped; humans are programmed to have a dark side. The director was liked and had a seemingly happy life but by the end of the story we saw how that is not the case. The director also had a twisted mindset and was not the saint people saw him to be. Director Park Chan Wook did a really get job getting this message across because after seeing it the audience got a a clear grasp of the moral of the
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