Cut Men's Hair Case Study

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Cut Men’s Hair
Task 1A - Produce an information sheet
Factors that may influence the cutting service

Head And Face Shape
The head and shape of the face influences the haircut because it will affect the style and look of the cut. If a man has a square shaped head they tend to look best with the hair over the ears with the hair on the highest point of the head longer and styled upward.

Hair Growth Patterns
Hair growth patterns determines the haircut because if a client has a double crown it will cause the hair to stick up or if they hav a cowslick it will effect the fringe.

Hair Type
The hair type of a person influences the haircut because if a client has straight hair it would not be suitable for a curly style it would difficult for the
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Hair texture should always be considered first before carrying out a cutting service. The texture of the client's hair will determine how the hair lays once it is cut. Various textures will lead to different looks on different clients depending on the texture of their hair.

Natural Hairline And Neck Shape
Cutting hair to the natural hairline influences the hairstyle presentation and regrowth. When cutting hair avoid cutting into or creating a hairline as it will affect the overall look and style of the haircut. The shape of a person's neck will also affect the style of a haircut.

Presence Of Facial Hair
If a client has facial hair then you must take into consideration of their job type, shape of face and how it will compliment their face shape. Eg→
Square shaped face would look better with goatee or defined beard.
Oval shaped face would look great with anything the person wants to grow a since the face is symmetrical.
Round shaped face would look better with short well groomed beards.

Patterns Of Male Pattern
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This can be done on all hair lengths. It is basically the same as the uniform layer except that it is held out at an angle, removes weight and creates bulk.
Angles Used: 45° - 90°

Techniques Used To Achieve Each Look And Their Effect
Different cutting techniques include:
Club Cutting
Free Hand
Scissors Over Comb

Club Cutting
Club cutting is the most commonly used cutting technique. It creates a smooth blended look without the use of texture. This cutting technique creates graduated or uniform layers.

Free Hand
Free hand is a technique stylists use without the use of tools, combs and their fingers. Free hand creates a style with a lot of texture.

Scissors Over Comb
Scissors over comb is the most commonly used technique for blending or cutting short hair.

Tools And Maintenance Requirements
Salon tools must be used for their intended purposes. The tools must be properly maintained and should be regularly checked by a qualified professional. The employer must ensure all staff are trained and know how to use all equipment and tools.
Clippers should only be used on hair.
Scissors should be handled correctly.
Hairdryer should only be used to dry hair.
Tools to be sterilized regularly using barbicide and the use of the UV

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