Cutting Fine Arts In Schools Essay

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There is a problem with a lot of schools; the administrators think that the fine arts are not as important as sports they cut funding for The fine arts and to give that funding to the sports, this is a problem because the fine arts courses are you please important the students and teachers and schools. When the school cuts money for the arts, the programs suffers. This year there were quite a few classes that were cut, a third of them being arts classes. There were many students that were disappointed that the school board decided to cut these classes. The arts are important and deserve/need equality in the amount of funding and support that they get compared to the amount that the sports get. Firstly, the Arts are a lot less violent than sports. Ask yourself, when have you ever gone to a concert or watched a play to watch people beat each…show more content…
Lastly there have been quite a few classes that were cut this year at LHHS, nine in total. A third of these courses were arts courses. The cuts were done quickly, quietly, and right before course selection so that those opposed couldn 't really do anything about it. This is unfair because students need the choice to take part in the arts. They need the possibility to open a new door or to keep that door open. In the option is taken away, didn 't have less opportunities to explore new things. When the arts courses are taken away, their option to try something new that they could love is taken away. High school is a time of experience and exploration in different areas, such as sports and the arts, students should be given an equivalent opportunity to try both.
In conclusion, the arts are very important in schools, and need to receive more attention that they do currently. I believe that the sports and the arts need to receive the same amount of support. When the funding for the arts is reduced, their quality is also being reduced. This also directly effects the courses, which affects the opportunities that students are
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