Cutting The Cuticles Speech

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Taking care of one 's nails is not just a matter of esthetics, but also a matter of personal hygiene. Women love mani-pedis, but there are many misconceptions when it comes to these procedures. Today we are going to see what is the truth behind the most common mani-pedi myths that circulate the internet. Myth 1: You should never cut your cuticles True! This is probably something that most of you know, but we are going to go over it one more time, because a lot of women still do this due to esthetic reasons. Yes, cutting your cuticles is very wrong. The cuticles are an important defense, which protects your nails from infections. Cutting the cuticles is dangerous, because it is a delicate procedure, and it is very easy to go in to deep and cause an injury. Moreover, even if you don 't cause an injury, you will still leave your nails unprotected. Once you cut the cuticles, you are basically making a perfect entry point, through which bacteria can easily get under your skin. Last but not least, when you cut your cuticles, you will encourage them to grow longer, because your body is smart, and when it feels unprotected, it will try to reinforce the cuticles, to create a stronger defense against infections. The proper way to deal with cuticles, is to use a special cream or oil in order to soften them, and then use a special instrument to push them upwards. To avoid scratching the nail, don 't use metal cuticle pushers, and instead choose one made from either plastic, or better

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