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Cuttlefish are marine organisms which classified into animalia kingdom. They are grouped into spiida order and cephalopoda class. The common cuttlefish are scientifically known as the Sepia officinalis. The cuttlefish fish possess W-shaped pupils, 2 tentacles which consist of the denticulated suckers. They vary in sizes. For instance, the largest one (Sepia apama) has mantle which 50cm in length. Other species sizes are between 25cm to 15cm.They feed on other cuttlefish, fish, octopodes, small mollusks, crabs, and shrimps. This report discusses the cuttlefish behavior and its ecology.
The internal and external body structure of cuttlefish comprised of various structures that influence their behaviors. For example, the cuttlefish brain organization contains pedal ganglion, palliosvisceral ganglion, suboesophangeal neutral tissue, suboesophangeal centres, and supraoesophangeal. All these structures also consist of other organs that play key roles behavioral changes of the cuttlefish. The anterior basal lobe regulates the cuttlefish fins and the funnel position.
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The formation of the complex pattern is influenced by the neurons and two lobes of the cuttlefish brain. Studies indicate that the cuttlefish skin contains approximately ten million color cells, the color cells function in a pattern, when some are on other color cells are off. These alternative functions of skin color cells enable them to create a pattern required to confuse their predators. Besides, cuttlefish possess a pigmented organ known as the chromatophore. When it is stimulated the chromatophore produces black, red, brown and yellow colors (Mäthger et al. 2005). A band of muscles that originate from the chromatophores allows the cuttlefish to change the color pattern according to its surrounding by relaxing the muscles to alter the different color layer (Chiao and Halton

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