Cuttlefish Research Paper

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The cuttlefish is an amazing marine animal, one of the most intelligent invertebrates. It is not actually a fish though, it is in the category sepiida. There are over 130 different species of cuttlefish. This mollusc has a very large brain and a very unique eye. It has 8 arms and 2 tentacles that have suckers on them so they can grab their prey. Sometimes the cuttle fish will use its arms to walk across the ocean floor to hunt food and to keep away from larger predators. Their favorite food is crab, but they also eat small fish, shrimp, and some are even carnivores. They have a fin like thing that goes around their bodies so they can swim. The cuttlefish also has an internal shell called the cuttlebone. This bone is filled with gas to make the fish lighter, therefore making it so the cuttlefish can actually control their buoyancy. People commonly hunt cuttlefish just for the cuttle bone. They will use it t make parrot cages and used to hold delecate metals.…show more content…
They have a pupil shaped like Charlie Brown's mouth when he is sad or confused. The pupil is only shaped like a W in the light however, in the dark the pupil is circular in the dark. No one really knows why they have the W shape to their eye but many speculations have been made like it was just for camouflage, and providing distance imagery. The most ironic thing about the cuttlefish is that they are colorblind. They have a special skin that will let them change into any color they want. It's so crazy because how do they know what color to be if they are color blind. Another cool fact about the cuttlefish is that with their amazing pupil, they can also see behind themselves. This helps tremendously with protection and

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