Cuvier's Gazelle Research Paper

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The Cuvier 's gazelle 's scientific name is Gazelle Currier. They are sometimes called the Mountain gazelle and Edmi.

The Cuvier 's gazelle lives in Africa. They like to live in open areas like savanna and semi-dessert grasslands.

The adult Cuvier 's gazelle has a 30 to 47 inch long body and their tail will be 6 to 8 inches long. Their body is light brown with a white belly. The male and female will both have ringed upright horns.

The Cuvier 's gazelle likes to eat grass, herbs and woody plants.

They are a very social animal and will be found in groups of 8 to 10 animals. It is common for the Cuvier 's gazelle to give birth to twins.

Their numbers are decreasing because they are hunted for meat. They are also hunted tor their skin. Their habitat is also overgrazed by
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The only thing known about the Red Gazelle is known from 3 specimens that were bought between 1877 and 1894 in the Algerian ports of Oran and Algiers. There have never been any live animals examined as they have never been observed in the wild. The museum specimens were skin and skulls from a male Red Gazelle.

It is believed they were 140cm long with a tail that was 10 to 22cm long and had terminal hairs.
The Red Gazelle is thought to be similar to the red-fronted gazelle but they are larger. Their body is a bright reddish brown. They have a narrow strip along their flanks and between their front legs and their rear legs that is black. They have a white underside and rump. They have a rufuos colored tail with a black tip. They are pale colored on the top of their head, cheeks and sides of their neck. The males horns are 29cm long and curve backwards. Nothing is known about the female as no specimens have been found.

The 3 specimens collected were found in Algeria. It is believed they did not live in the desert. It is believed they lived in the brush and forests of north-western Algeria.

In 1936 they were thought to be extinct. Some think they became extinct

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