Cuyahoga Case Study

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u02d1 Considering a Study Based on Your Topic
The larger organization issue at Cuyahoga Community College identified involves the high levels of poverty, and low educational attainment, and the focus of the college on providing assistance for traditionally low-income, underserved population groups, including high school dropouts.
Scenario C - Cuyahoga has always served adult learners and has developed a well-deserved reputation for creating an excellent student experience. Its faculty are committed to serving the current and new students and, with a strong and active faculty union, are generally satisfied with their role in the governance of the institution. As Cuyahoga grows and becomes more diverse, as new faculty join the ranks, and as
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The AQIP Systems Portfolio 2012 of Cuyahoga Community College process for meeting category three is the AQIP Category 6 the process is five that involves the documentation of processes to encourage knowledge sharing, innovation and empowerment by using process maps and work instructions. The results involve the comparison of the performance of their organization’s operational processes through the Noel-Levitz SSI survey results which measures the impact of institutional operations on students. The improvement is the result of action plans in the College Strategic Plan outline data-drive action steps that will lead to goad achievement.
The faculty development process can be improved through knowledge sharing, innovation and empowerment about confronting a new generation of students. The results will be obtained through the documentations of the shared knowledge and how it will be implement to address the new generation of students. The improvement will be shown in the continuing commitment for creating an excellent student
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