Cw3 West Essay

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Serves as the Installation Property Book Officer for Area Support Group Kuwait (ASG-KU); Supervise and manage property accountability support to one Security Force (SECFOR) Battalion, one Engineer Battalion, one Base Support Battalion, and eight functional detachments ' organizational property all valued in excess of $110M. Managed 35 primary hand receipts and three fiduciary hand receipts for property located at four camps. Identifies, coordinates, and resolves instillation wide equipment readiness, accountability, and management issues with appropriate agencies and end item managers. Provides technical assistance to the BDE Commander and staff directorates. Leads, trains, supervises and provides guidance for three NCOs and two Soldiers. Training With Industry program, White House Fellowship, CSA Strategic Studies…show more content…
An articulate and creative thinker that increased the overall effectiveness of this command. His realistic and relevant approach to action planning creates an atmosphere that promotes collaboration conducive to excellence. CW3 West applies professional competence and skills through the use of effective communication, spearheading a mentorship program for logisticians that increased their problem solving, communication, and leadership skills. CW3 West is rated as 2 of the 4 officers that I rate. Richard is the consummate professional who continues to mentor, develop and prepare our next generation of warrant officers. CW3 West 's complex critical thinking, problem solving and analytical skills make him an invaluable asset to this unit and the Army. CW3 West ranks in the top 20% among the Chief Warrant Officers I senior rate and is my number one as the absolute best property accountability technician in the ASG-KU AOR. Well-rounded and action oriented. His technical expertise, keen judgment and performance surpasses his peers. He has superior potential and ready for strategic level opportunities. Promote ahead of peers to CW4 and send to resident
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