Bullying: Questions And Answers

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Question 1:
Bullying is usually a repeated, unwanted, aggressive behaviour to your peers. Children and young adults are bullied at school, at their workplace and even at home by siblings. We often bully each other so that we can feel above everyone else and have a certain power over other people. Bullying can come in different forms such as physically attacking someone or verbally abusing others (U.S Department of Health and Human Sciences, 2014) .
Question 2:
a) Physical bullying usually includes violence such as hitting; name calling, taunting, stalking and even torturing. Physical Bullying must be stopped or the victim could end up in a tragic situation. An example is: During school a group of teenage boys alienate a classmate, called
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The things that are sent to people include- mean or insulting text messages or emails, rumours via email or social networking sites and embarrassing pictures and videos that have gone viral. (U.S Department of Health and Human Sciences, 2014)
An example is: A teenage boy named David receives an email telling him that he is a coward, a spastic and must prove that he is manly and strong by sending his mother and fathers bank details to this email address he is reading off. If he ignores this email then there will be consequences and they will be bad. The email address that it is from is anonymous so he cannot trace the email back to the sender. David then sends the bank details to the address so that he does not have to face any punishment of sort from the blackmailer.
Another example: An adolescent girl named Julia receives a text message on her phone telling her that she is a snob, she is ugly, she is fat, she is a spastic retard and that she is unloved. The message is sent from a private number so she cannot figure out who it is. Julia then gets a phone call from a private number telling her that she is stupid, dumb, ugly and fat and that she must go jump off a bridge. Julia is deeply depressed by these phones calls and messages and need physiological help after the repeated phone
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The first thing that you must do when you are being bullied at TWC is to tell someone. Never let keep it to yourself because it can get even worse. The best person to tell would either be your class teacher or Mrs Findlay the school counsellor. Mrs Findlay would then comfort you and tell you what to do and confront the bully that is bullying you. If you do not want to tell Mrs Findlay or you class teacher first speak to your parents they will always have something to say to help you. Try not to tell another girl about it because she will not be able to do anything about it. The Wykeham Collegiate does not and must not every tolerate bullying as it can lead to very serious and dangerous circumstances. (Bryant-Mole,

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