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Audience: Parents
Goal: to instill awareness of consequences from using social media that may occur to their children to prepare parents to lead their children into a healthy social life
Hook (Interesting Fact):
By 2013, over 2.7 billion people were Internet users, which correspond to 39% of the world’s population and among those, 28 % check their facebook as soon as they woke up.
Social Media Definition
Thesis: As such, it is up to the guardians to prepare for possible predicaments that their children will face, namely, false information, cyber bullying, and self identity issues that came though the creation of social media in the future.
Para 1
Topic: When dealing with social media, one should always be vigilant of falsified
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In social media, there’s a form of harassment called cyber bullying, meaning to harass through the use of electronics and internet as a medium (Campbell, 2005). Bullies can easily send messages and pictures to the target to harass the victim as nowadays, most of teenagers have smartphones. Because of this, victims are vulnerable to bullying for almost twenty four hours. Moreover, another lee way social media created for bullies is that their actions are very hard to track (“Consequences,” 2016). Once the bully harasses, traces can be deleted which lead the bullies to beleive that they can get away unscathed (“11 facts,” n.d.). Yet, be it the bully or the bullied, both will suffer from the consequences of cyber bullying. For the bullies, they risks exposing themselves (“Consequences,” 2016). No matter how subtle, there are traces which can lead to the bully which, sequentially leading them to suffer from detention or even legal processes as society now view cyber bullying as a serious problems. As for the bullied, they may experienced despondant and extreme stress which may lead them belittling themselves or even suicidal thoughts (“11 facts,” n.d.). An example to this is that from 1989 - 2003 (2016), a person name Ryan suffered from his minor physical disability. This lead to people around him to harass him both in the real world and through Instant…show more content…
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