Cyber Bullying Persuasive Essay

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Amanda Michelle Todd committed suicide at 15. Amanda met a guy on the internet one year prior to her death. She was still an innocent girl that doesn’t even know there a thing called “wrong” so how will she recognize it from the right she was Thinking that this guy is her fairy tale prince, she posted some nude photos to satisfy him. Later on, she got a call from the police warning her that her nudes were all over the internet. This guy was like a real boogy man under her bed he haunted her, He cyber bullied her to where she lost all her friends and beloved ones. They thought she was useless and childish because she wasn’t aware of what she was doing and how those photos could affect her. She changed schools, cities, friends, yet the internet…show more content…
Every story you hear, every example you read, and every statistic there is, shows how cruel cyber bullying is and why it should be stopped. Last but not least, cyber bullying is present because some people think it will help bolster or remind individuals of bully’s own social standings. What does that even mean? Own social standings? Really? With that being said, people bully using technology to maintain or show people ones position in the society. Social media showed a great advantage to bully’s around the world. Now, with all the technological development, it is extremely easy to cyber bully by simply creating a fake account on any social media websites and application. And that is how most bully’s irritate their victims. A fake profile can contain the victims’ pictures and some fake facts about them. Every person has the right to feel safe and protected. Every person should be free from violence and harassment. Living a life free from violence, harassment, stalking, and others is a basic human right. It is everyone’s right to be liberated from violence whether emotional, psychological, and physical. With that in mind, 68% of teenagers agree that cyber bullying is a real problem (Cyber bullying statistics, 2011). Megan Meier killed herself in October
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