Argumentative Essay: The Results Of Cyberbullying

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The results of cyberbullying prove that it should always be punished based on its outcome, whether it was intentional or not. However, many people don 't realize its severity and seem to brush it off as a harmless trend that the kids are making a big deal of. It 's not that simple, though, and it should be clear by now that it causes an uncanny amount of deaths and it 's not something that we can just ignore. That 's why some people have taken certain steps to outlaw the act of cyberbullying.

By developing several organizations which share the real facts and statistics, cyberbullying could be controlled or even eradicated. Many examples of these organizations are actually government sites, one of whom I 'm employed - They support the cause and hope for others to follow suit, but it 's not being spread far enough so people like us need people like you: open-minded but confused citizens who don 't know who to look to for information. You can come to us. We 're a government website, hence the web address, so you can tell that the place where the facts reside is reliable. Many Americans don 't trust the government and the claims they make, which is somewhat understandable depending on the case, but we don 't hide
…show more content… says “bullying that takes place over digital devices like cell phones, computers, and tablets,” says “hurting someone again and again using a computer, a cellphone, or another kind of electronic technology,” and says “the use of technology to harass, threaten, embarrass, or target another person.” All reliable sources. To me, StopBullying has the right idea. It 's a good thing too, because I work there. It 'd suck if I supported someone else and they saw this. Oh God, here they come. I 'm gonna wrap this up now - feel free to share with family and friends, but not too far because they 'd literally kill me if they saw

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