Cyber Bullying: The Negative Effects Of Cyberbullying

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“The more social media we have, the more we think we are connecting, yet we are really disconnecting from each other.”(JR, 1983).A considerable change has been observed since the invention of internet accompanied by the development of technology. Social media is something that developed gradually since that period. It grabbed the attention of many people in the last few years and gained a great popularity. In addition, it spread widely through lots of websites, mobile applications and other forms of technologies. Obviously, it also decreases the distances and makes the world looks like a small village. However, a non-negligible percent of people consider social media as a waste of time rather than a remarkable investment. Despite the benefits…show more content…
That issue has kept on getting bigger and bigger in the society and particularly the youngsters and youth generation. For instance, sending texts or images that intend to hurt or embarrasses others is considered as cyberbullying. Also creating fake accounts and communicate with others pretending to be someone they already know is another example for cyberbullying. In fact, it is very serious and harmful when people fake their identities because secrets and private matters will be threatened. In addition, cyberbullying and the negative effects that it brings could lead people to commit suicide when they realize that they have been hacked and cheated especially in sensitive matters. “We also present a cyberbullying scale that has demonstrated strong initial validity and reliability in ten different surveys involving nearly 15000 students in the United States” (Patchin &Hinduja, 2015). According to the previous quotation it has been found that cyberbullying increased widely. Social media is the first to be blamed for such a major problem. This issue needs to be taken into consideration and it has to be solved as soon as possible not just because it is one of the main sources of anxiety but also it cause confusion for many people who are confined to social media
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