Cyber Crime: 4 Different Types Of Crime

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Title: Types of Crime INTRODUCTION : Human behaviour in which one reacts or represent oneself, especially toward others.There are two types of behaviour one is positive behaviour which includes Truthfulness,Kindness,Honesty and etc. Another type is Negative human behaviour which are prohibited that can bring harm towards society. If one engages in such behaviour, they can be caught by the authorities and prosecuted in criminal court. In today’s society, criminal behaviour and criminal trials are highly published in media and commonly become storyline for television shows and also in the newspapers. Generally, there are many different types of crime which can be divided into 4 major groups like Cyber crime, property crime, organized crime, personal crime. POINT 1: CYBER CRIME Cyber Crimes or Computer crimes Means the involvement to any crime which include a computer and also the networking system.Cyber crimes contains Hacking,Virus Spreading,Computer forgery,Credit card frauding,Phishing,Spoofing,Cyber Stalking,Threatening and so on.Cyber crime also can be organized by groups or individually.Cyber criminals Can hack the bank security system can make a forgery of vanishing money from bank account holders.Sometimes Cyber crime can spread from one country to another country.For example An individual Cyber crimer can commit a crime in the United States while he or she sits in very relaxed mood and can perform the crime from his or her apartment in Australia or Japan or any

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