Cyber Crime: The Advantages And Consequences Of Cyber-Crime

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Introduction A cyber- crime is when a virus or malware transpires to another component of a computer to corrupt a network. Cyber-crime can vary from computer, to phones, GPS system, or even ATM machines etc. Hacker would use a computer or mechanical devices as a tool or target. There are many forms of criminal activities that needs to exclude in order to secure and safer guard from defamation, fraud, theft, mischief etc. Therefor most of this criminal activity comes within our judicial jurisdiction (Indian Penal Code). There are two forms of cyber criminals, one in where a computer is misused to corrupt other computer, this is called a target. Such as virus/worm, hacking, DOC etc. Another form of crime is a computer used for implementation real world crimes, this is called a weapon, IPR violation, Credit card Fraud, Cyber terrorism etc. There are also many fake websites asking personal information about viewer. Many of the youth are responsible for hacking and creating fake websites to attract viewers. Privacy and confidential information’s are at stake due to cyber-crime is expanding. Many countries use emails and fax machine to communicate between one nations to another. They are forced to secure their network from unwanted society or individuals. Presently India is among the top five countries of highest rate of identity thief, ransom ware etc. More than half of crime in India have faced online stalking, online hate, crime or other form of online harassment. Even in
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