Two Types Of Crime

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Types of Crimes
Behavior is the way of human beings or animals act or behave to represent themselves, especially towards others. There are two types of behavior which is positive and negative. Positive behavior include truthfulness, kindness, honesty and others which carry the good emotion and reaction. Negative behavior include laziness, impolite, lack of initiative, involve in crime which give a bad immersion and is a bad attitude. Crime is a negative behavior that is prohibited due to it brings harm towards society. Crime can be defined as a illegal act that go against the law that is set by government (Crossman, 2016). Habibullah, Baharom & Muhamad (2014) claimed that “Crime has always been part of our everyday life. Crime results in misery
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Organized crime is a crime that involve a group of people that control over illegal activities such as drug trade, illegal gambling, weapons smuggling or money laundering (Crossman, 2016). Organized crime is defined by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (2016) as “any group having some manner of a formalized structure and whose primary objective is to obtain money through illegal activities”. Organized crime can be further categorized into three groups which are gang criminality, racketeering and syndicated crime. Rohit Bura (2012), claimed that gang criminal included kidnapping, extortion, vehicle theft and others which done in a large scale and the offenders “do not hesitate to kill, assault, or used violence” while racketeering is “an activity of an organized criminal gang engaged in extortion of money from both legitimate and illegitimate business through intimidation of force”. Racketeering also involved dishonest way of getting money such as cheating or deceiving people and selling useless articles or information to others. Syndicate crime is a loose affiliation of gangster in charge of organized criminal activities such as selling illegal drugs or liquor, involved in illegal services and others (Rohit Bura, 2012). The syndicates create their own ‘business’ and own the money. Organized crime is dangerous and involve many offenders which cause more people to suffer under their…show more content…
Unlike the personal crime which perpetrated against an individual, property crime aimed at property rather than directly toward individuals. Property crime is perhaps the most common crime that occur in the society. The increase of property crime have cause the crime index of Malaysia recorded a 4.6% increase in 2016 from January to April (Hani Shamira Shahrudin, 2016). The are few examples of property crime such as theft, burglary, vandalism, robbery and arsons. Property crime can be future categorize into two groups, violence property crimes and non-violence property crime. Violent is a behavior that intends to hurt or even kill people. Hence, violence property crime individuals get injured and probably will lost their life while in non-violence crime, no people get injured. For instance, there was a case happened in Thailand, “the girls, both 18 at the time, were caught after they stole two spaghetti-strap tops from a shop at Platinum Fashion Mall in Thailand on June 16” (David & Max, 2016). This shoplifting case is a non-violence crime as there are no people injured. For violence property crime, armed robbery is one of the example. “Police detain 16-year-old suspected” (2016) state that, in Penang, a robbery case happen in George town where a 16 year old suspect armed with a knife and attacked the shop owner, 58 years old. There is another example that happened in Bangladesh. From “Bangladesh sentences 6 militants to death” (2016), six

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