Cyber Psychology And Social Media

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Cyber psychology
Cyber psychology is the study of how the human mind interacts with the internet and social media. Some topics that are studied in cyber psychology may include online identity, online relationships, cyberbullying, and social interaction on the certain websites. Psychologists study how others interact over the internet because sometimes the internet and social media sites can change people’s personalities. Social media is linked to psychological behavior in many ways. It can make people act differently than how they act in person. Also social media can be a factor in why people end their relationships or even get divorced. The social media sites are not to blame in these cases but they are a big factor as to why a marriage or
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These disorders may be depression, anxiety, eating disorders and low self esteem. This is because some teens use these sites as way to bully other teens. They think they will not get caught. Cyberbulling has become one of the main reasons why teens become depressed and even commit suicide. Teens also may become depressed because they might see pictures of models or actors that are very attractive and they want to be like them so they become depressed and try to compare themselves to these models. Young girls who see skinny models on social media sites might try to starve themselves or purge to try and look like them. This is how eating disorders are formed and also when they compare themselves to these skinny models it lowers their self esteem. And in many cases it may cause anxiety because they are always worried about how people will view them. They are always worried about being skinny enough or being liked. This relates to cyber psychology because psychologists study these behaviors and do research on why these behaviors happen over the internet. Social media sites have also contributed in an increase in break up and divorce…show more content…
These sites include Instagram, facebook and snapchat. They have been linked to higher break up and divorce rates. Psychologists have done research on these rates and they have found that these site are leading factor in break ups and divorce. These sites are a leading factor because people sometimes cheat on their significant other through the internet and think they are being discrete. They may go on sites that promote cheating or social media sites like instagram and snapchat where they can send pictures and messages to another person and eventually their partner or significant other will find out that they are cheating and therefore terminates the marriage or relationship. This is a psychological behavior impacted by the internet because to compensate for being in a negative relationship they go on social media sites and they try to make up for what the relationship lacks. Research has found that most of the time this is why men or women will go on these sites that promote cheating or they will send provocative pictures through snapchat or

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