Nt1310 Unit 3 Assignment 1

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4.4.2. Attack group knowledge A biggest thing is that to provide attackers to information about system. Which means to gain information about system? Gain information like knowing attributes of system, processors, no authenticates privileges.
4.4.3. Access Accusations of any system is done by the ability of knowing the attributes of system design, configuration, deployment, and know about the sending or receiving data to/from a component of any system from the attacker’s location.
4.4.4. Vulnerabilities Weaknesses, insecure network, defects, in any SCADA system that can be increase the access of unauthorized advantages. A single defect allow an attacker to gain information that defect is define as vulnerability.
4.4.5. Damage potential
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Attack path depth The metric attack path depth is the minimum number of independent single machine compromise required for a successful attack from an external source.
4.5.5. Password crack time The metric password crack time represents the shortest time needed to crack / break a single password for any account on a given system. This metric is a measure of the minimum amount of time would be attacker would need to compromise the system by password cracking.
4.6. Decentralized system architecture In this control system, sub-stations are work separately and all are connect to each other through grid system. If any sub-system's control system is shuts so in that case that sub-system area will effected. In addition, no need to shut whole system. In addition, if the fault is big so in that case that area power supply will start through another sub-station via grid system.

Figure: decentralized system architecture This figure shows that all clients (sub-stations) connect to main server (master controller).
4.7. Renewable power
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A normal computer system’s average life cycle is about three or four years. It is not that mean the system will be dead. All system just needs updating/up gradation. Why we are saying that computer system’s life cycle is about three or four years because during this period attacker finds any way to hack the system. However, an industrial control system’s average life cycle is about ten to twenty years. Most of the SCADA system works on windows operating system. Some industries continue to use much older systems. Windows 8 will be introducing shortly. So here it my all concern on a topic that how can we make a secure and safe SCADA system. I worked on it with some reviews of previous paper of researchers and scientists. In addition, I had test, got some result, and make a view on it. That how can SCADA system be secure and safe? Firstly, we just little talk about why SCADA system needs to be up –

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