Cyber Terrorism Case Study

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The existence law in cyber does not able to accommodate or combating cyber terrorism that has become rampant in our day today. Cyber terrorism refers to any conduct that has the intention causing the victim to suffering, loss, and constant through exploiting computer or communication networks. All common activities for a cyber-terrorism such like theft, fraud, intimidation and more than that as long as it breakdown the laws of cyber.
In 2008, North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) has stated that cyber terrorism refers to a cyber-attack using or manipulating computer or communication networks to cause plenty damage to generate fear or intimidate a society into an ideological
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It is because Group 4 could answer the question that was given from the lecturer smoothly but presenter took time in session of question and answer. But, they good in give the example which country and what types of system that they used of RFID. For an example, they said that in Singapore, they already used Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) in toll lanes which are all the road users just need to raise up their hand while holding the toll card because there are RFID scanners up of them. So that, they don’t have to waste their time just to…show more content…
Just like the previous group, Group 4 also did not make a conclusion and put in the slide presentation. They just mention the conclusion spontaneously about Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) that have a conclusion in positive side and negative side. The conclusion of RFID for the positive side is RFID is contactless reading technology that can read through other materials. Besides, RFID can hold more data than bar code does. However, RFID signals might have a problem with some material because it is still new in this era, especially in Malaysia.

5. Clarity
From my opinion, I think, the material presented which is they use Prezi was easy to understand. Even though the content of the slide was not much attracted, the presenters know how to make an explanation well with a good sound of voice.

6. Structure
Each of the presenters in Group 4 has a good cooperation to come with a meaningful sequence. They help each other in case one of them made a mistake during the explanation. Besides, they already prepare the sequence that who will start first so that it won’t be chaos.

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