Threat Of Cyber Terrorism

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Threat of Cyber terrorism
In the contemporary world, terrorist often use cyberspace to cause doubt. These terrorists fight against government and state institutions to attain their own goals. Notably, terrorists perform cyber-attacks in two forms; they attack data and interfere with control systems (Pereski & Bogdanoski, 2012). Stealing data and damage is the common type of computer and internet attacks. Cyber-attacks aimed at control systems disrupt or manipulate the physical infrastructure. For instance, terrorists can disrupt remote power supply networks, water supplies and railways.
Terrorists achieve these disruptions through sending data on the internet or penetrating security systems. They use weak spots within the security systems
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This action may make pilots fail to control the flights using the computerized navigation systems (Jalil, 2003).It can also disrupt the process of safe departure and landing.These scenarios and examples portray the severe consequences of cyber terrorism such enormous damage and communication hindrances (Alqahtani, 2014). Thus, governments and global institutions should develop tough measures to safeguard the vital governmental infrastructures and…show more content…
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