Cyber Warfare Essay

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Usually whatever makes news headlines is something that can affect our lives the most. Like the 2014 Ebola outbreak and the terrorist group ISIS. They were the greatest threats to the United States during the time they were making headlines on the news... Right? Wrong Cyber warfare was and is the greatest threat to the United States. We live in a cybernetic age where someone from any part of the world can easily communicate with someone in halfway across the globe instantly. This much connection between people can lead to lots good being done and is much more efficient than other methods of communication, but it can also lead to lots of harm being done. Harm means things like identity theft, viruses, cyberbullying, and most importantly cyber warfare. Cyber warfare is growing much more common and along with it is the potential damage it could cause so our concern for it should rise too.…show more content…
Cyber warfare affects all of us and can quickly wipe out our societies by taking out the tools we rely on so heavily for their success. A successful cyber attack can take out our power grid and give our enemies classified information on our weaknesses and defense strategies. This is very alarming, but thankfully the possibilities of this happening are very low. The actual main use of cyber warfare is theft. Many foreign companies are constantly attacking US companies to take things like product blueprints and manufacture the same product to sell it for cheaper prices. When US companies retaliate with legal action in china, for example, they rarely win causing greater losses for them and more profit for the other company which strengthens the Chinese economy and weakens the US economy. We must focus on cyber warfare defense or the enemy will take us out from where we will not expect

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