Cyberbully Virus: Video Analysis

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According to the video Cyberbully Virus at least 42% of kids/teenagers have been bullied online. According to, students are bullied in many different ways including their religion, sexual orientation, race, physical features, and more. Students might become a bully because they have a bad life at home or they had been bullied in another time in their life. According to www.eschooltodaycom, lack of attention from friends, parents or teachers can make a person bully you, just to feel popular and seen as 'tough ' or 'cool ' and in charge. Some kids have learned to bully from others (parents, brothers or sisters, friends).They have seen them getting their way by being angry or pushing other people around. But, have you ever…show more content…
According to The Cyberbully Virus, the bystanders laugh as they are standing by and watching them being taunted by the bullies. Also, they make jokes about the victim because of what the bully said to the victim or what the victim said to the bully. Sometimes, the bystander will videotape the bully hurting the victim either verbally or physically. When the bystander videotapes it, they upload it online, which is a major part of cyber-bullying. According to the Suicide Awareness Voices for Education, suicide is among 15 to 24 years old and is one of the leading causes of suicide for youth. They do nothing to help the victim and we need to stop…show more content…
Furthermore, bystanders encourage bullying by doing nothing to help the target or victim. Bystanders usually walk by or stand by and don 't help them. They also laugh at the victim, making it even more worse than being just bullied. People watch it happen to them and again give zero support. Bystanders can also be online. They can watch/read all the bad things on the internet. The bully gets on social media and bothers you, but the bystander does nothing. If this happens to you, tell an adult or teacher and they could stop it. In conclusion, bystanders are even more horrible as bullies. Being a bystander is awful thing to be because they have the ability to stop bullying but they don’t, give zero support to the victim/target, they encourage the bully by doing nothing, and suffer tremendous guilt. We need to be the generation to stop bullying. If you see someone who is being bullied, don 't just stand there, help the victim. As I explained in the paragraphs above, there are and countless ways to help a victim. I know we can end bullying from the world, if we stick
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