Cyberbullying: A Dangerous Way Of Bullying Kids And Teens

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Cyber bullying is a very dangerous way of bullying kids and teens. Every year about 95% of kids and teens who use technology and social media websites have been affected by cyber bullying. Cyber bullying is dangerous because it can cause psychological problems especially to kids and teens because of their young age. Cyber bullying can be done through different types of technology such as computer, phones, tablets, and can also be done through social media websites. One example of cyber bullying is using facebook and making fun of a person constantly and posting pictures without their knowledge of you posting it. Cyber bullying can cause fights and deaths, kids commit suicide after getting cyber bullied. Bullies have been around for a long time. Technology is a new way that bullies can bully other people. The saying “sticks and stone can break my bones, but words will never hurt me” is not true anymore. Cyber bullies are the worst kinds of bullies because they can be anyone that you know or don’t know. Cyber bullying is when a teen or kid hurts another teen or kid by embarrassing them or threatening them through the internet using social media websites or communicating them by email. During the year 2014 seven teens committed suicide because of a social media website, the reasons these teens committed suicide was because of the hateful, hurtful or black messaging they received through the social media website they were using. Teens who have been bullied or harassed online

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