Cyberbullying: A Rhetorical Analysis

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What causes the prevalence of cyber-bullying is that some people don’t realize they are victims or perpetrators. They hide behind a mask of anonymity to claim for freedom of expression. But actually, there exist the bounds of free expression and some problematic forms of expression. The effects of this behavior are more serious than they think. Freedom of expression is important but so is social responsibility. “In our efforts to make the Internet safer, we must be cautious not to erode the freedom of speech guaranteed by the First Amendment” (Alison Virginia King 848). The definition of freedom of speech is “to express beliefs and ideas without unwarranted government restriction”. “Those people who hide behind a mask of anonymity to abuse or harass or intimidate other people make a claim for freedom of expression, but this in fact is a direct attack on freedom of expression, to bully other people out of the forum so that they’re intimidated and threatened and in fear so they can’t express themselves” Sarah argued. I agree with…show more content…
In the argument part, I claimed some people don’t realize their behavior have caused cyber-bullying because they make a claim for freedom of expression. Therefore, the fundamental solution, I think, is related to legislation. “Further research needs to develop additional measures to determine how to reduce the risk of being victimized, identify and assist those who have been subjected to cyberbullying, and determine how to prevent it” (Current trends in cyberbullying, 49). I emphasized the complexity and severity of cyberbullying. Legislatures, schools, and parents should all work collectively to consider an effect approach to it. One of the fun of Internet lies in anonymity, which is also a reason for the prevalence of cyberbullying. Therefore, how to deal with cyberbullying with anonymity is an intractable
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