Social Media Negative Effects

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Social media has created an extensive role in the way today’s generation is growing up. Despite the fact that it may have benefits, it has created a negative impact in a major way on the current generation. Social media has engulfed the minds and actions of most young people today, becoming a prominent part of their everyday lives. When one engages with social media, they are blinded to the harmful effects that consume their life. Since the 21st century, it is no secret how social media has expanded, ranging from simple apps to complete sites. There are several negative effects, which are very harmful to our lives such as; cyberbullying, decreasing academic achievement and damaging the minds of the youth by restraining their physical socializing skills. The fact that social media can be accessed from any tablet, computer, or phone, with a connection to the internet, has posed many threats to today’s society. With easy accessibility to the internet, any child old enough to work a phone can connect to any social media site. Since technology is rapidly growing, cyberbullying is significantly popular on…show more content…
The effect it has on people is evident, and it is taking over the minds of the youth of this generation. The capability social media has over a person can be dangerous and goes unnoticed since everyone in this day and age is brainwashed by it. It produces a negative aspect on humanity by putting the users at constant risk for danger by hindering physical socializing skills and reducing the youth’s intellectual achievement. In addition, it contributes to the lack of physical communication skills that could determine the youth’s future success. All in all, it is clear that adolescents should attempt to disconnect from social media to enjoy the life around them. Being offline and socializing in the world around them, will in turn immensely benefit
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