Cyberbullying: Bullying In The Digital Age

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Cyberbullying is a growing concern due to the fact is it’s much larger, than bullying at school. The jokes and insults towards people can be viewed by a larger audience because of social media. This means greater humiliation for the person. In the book, “Cyberbullying: Bullying in the Digital Age,” a personal experience of John Halligan explains the effect media had on his son’s death. He describes, “technology was being utilized as a weapon and was far more effective and far reaching than the simple tools we had as kids.” What he meant was that compared to his generation the transition from bullying to cyberbullying was a huge difference. Halligan also talked about how a girl at his son’s school spread a rumor about his son online and joked about it and how the act of this was so damaging. The hurting of bullying was more damaging because it attacks his son’s feelings at a larger level. This source’s argument is social media can be used a weapon for bullying people. This argument in agreement with how media does not represent bullying in a good way. Rather than aiding in preventing bullying, social media can amplify the negatives effects of bullying. This source is helpful with my research agenda because provides an actual experience of the dangerous effects of cyberbullying. An example of media playing a positive role is the website This website provides a great amount of helpful information about bullying and cyberbullying. It defines each word
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