Cyberbullying In Malaysia Essay

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Introduction The internet plays a crucial role in the systems of communication in our daily activities. It has become an integral part of the youngsters as they need it to communicate with their friends, keep up with trends and etc. However, some people have been using the convenience of the internet to do bad things such as cyberbullying, catfishing and more. According to the Star newspaper, the rate of cyberbullying in Malaysia has been increased drastically from 250 reported cases in 2012 to 338 cased reported in 2016. Throughout the five years, there are a total of 1524 cases reported. However, I believed that there are more cases than what has been reported as many victims decided to remain silent due to many reasons. I choose the topic of cyberbullying because I noticed that the danger of it is far more than what we think. The traditional bullying involved physical abuse but cyberbullying involves psychological abuse to the victims. These traumas were not able to be noticed easily except the victim reports to the elders. So, what is cyberbullying? According to Hinduja and Patchin in 2009, cyberbullying is a deliberate, repeated and hurtful activity carried out using a mobile phone, computer, and other electronic devices.…show more content…
Someone may have a conscious intention to send out messages that may be offensive towards a certain ethnic group and lead to fighting among the citizens. The different ethnic group has its own culture and believes, they also strongly hold on their own ethnic awareness. Thus, there are some of them are not willing to learn the culture of other ethnic groups and this may lead to misunderstanding among the citizens. However, compared to Singapore which is also a multi-ethnicity country, this issue can be seen as less serious because the government in Singapore takes harsh action toward those who spread rumors that disturb the country’s
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