Cyberbullying In Today's Society

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Cyberbullying is a growing epidemic that affects people in today’s society. In the first essay titled “Human Dignity” by Francis Fukuyama. Francis Fukuyama holds a B. A. in classics from Cornell University and has a PH. D in political science from Harvard University. Fukuyama puts the idea of Human Dignity to light and the idea of Factor X. Fukuyama describes Factor X as “ What the demand for equality of recognition implies is that when we strip all of a person’s contingent and accidental characteristics away, there remains some essential human quality underneath that is worthy of a certain minimal level of respect” (144). Meaning that there are many factors in what makes a human rather than just based off one factor. In the second essay that…show more content…
In the newer generation, people need a call to action set to prevent anyone from losing their sense of human dignity from the act of getting cyberbullied. In Fukuyama’s essay he explains human dignity in a broad sense when he states that “That is, human beings constantly demand that others recognize their dignity, either as individuals or as members of religious, ethnic, racial, or other kinds of groups” (143). Human dignity plays a major role in a person’s day-to-day life and has a major impact on the happiness. Today 's society, people demand attention from other people, whether it involves a negative or positive effect on a person. People in today’s society demand the recognition from others to solidify their relational needs that every person as the desire to achieve. Many people become blind to the way they as an individual view themselves people tend to focus on how the society views them instead of realizing that every person is unique. In the second essay, Moalem states a valid statement, which is “We’re now learning how to apply the knowledge gained from studies such as these to capitalize on your own unique epigenetic makeup” (280). Meaning that humans are gaining the knowledge and insight of who they actually are as a person, and starting to learn to accept their own genetic makeup. In the newer generation, cyberbullying is developed in serious issues due to all of the negative actions towards others. In today 's culture, people strive to make society happy by meeting the society’s standards rather than doing what is best for
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