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Intro :Cyberbullying has been a tool for bullies to gang up on kids and send or even threaten them by saying mean and scary comments or text.You may have heard of it and know it’s impacts and causes.It may not sound violent but it’s here is why in the following im going to explain why cyberbullying is such a challenge to teens nowadays.

Body #1:Cyberbullying mainly deals with a certain target audience group,It deals with teens and at that age they can feel depression about any insults given to them.I’ve seen many stories about teens commiting suicide because of this situation and the question is how has technology been challenging to a teenager more than anything.So to me this may be challenging to a teen because of how they look in school
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Conclusion : Teenagers have a great lifetime ahead of them using technology better than their parents, they can become geniuses with the correct use of technology.If used in the wrong hands such as some bullies out there than they can be related to criminals.But we need to be strong and defend ourselves and friends if their in trouble.Suicide is bad for teens even at a very young age we should enjoy our life the most.Parents should be advised after every night their kids sleep they should check their child’s chat history and make sure their safe in the world & on social media.Cyberbullying is becoming more more serious and the school should have a cyber monitor to protect their kids and catch the bullies.Today I 'm glad that police are monitoring the social media sites and chat groups.With this company kids who have been insulted online before can feel protective and won’t feel depression anymore.Mental Illness can be a very big side effects to cyberbullying because they victim can feel depression and can go on rage [maybe].Last year when we did the mental illness project I’ve seen some classmates go threw depression and I felt sad of how far this is spreading.From my opinion I would say that bullies should stop this and put themselves into the victims shoes.The questions doesn’t directly go into the question about cyberbullying and I think this is what the question was asking so that 's all for my opinion about

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