Cybercrime Prevention In Saudi Arabia

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Cybercrime prevention is critical issue nowadays in Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia is no different from anywhere else in the world when comes to cyber crimes. It exposed to several types of cybercrimes which was classified in the report to five categories depend on targeted audience. There are no effective solutions resolve those crimes because of several challenges faced by all countries without exception which mentioned in this report. The report display proposed solutions to deal with that challenges. Saudi Arabia was exposed to many of the attacks over years.The most popular attack was Shamoon, which attacked the country two time over four years, which targeted companies and ministries active in the state as Saudi Aramco that
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Moreover, electronic services help people to do their work in easier way without any type of effort. Also, it reduce wasting time. However, there are problems appeared all around the world is cyber-crime, the criminal steal information, destroy devices and but victims in trouble financial problems.Saudi Arabia one of countries which benefited from the advantages of the Internet and was harmed by its disadvantages .This report discuss the harms and crimes that come from cyberspace which was suffered by Saudi Arabia and how saudi government face…show more content…

2.5 crime against information Ransomware
It is malicious software act as a virus, criminal use this type of software to prevent the user to reach his information by encrypting information to force user pay to replay his information .

DDoS attacks
Denali of services are come when hacker breach a lot of pcs and control it all, then this pcs name become botnet. Criminal use this botnet by sending a lot of massages at the same time to the server or pcs to down the service and stop it from work. Spam and Phishing the problem come usually from email when the user open email message from untrusted sender ,open un known link that make devices vulnerable.

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