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Cybersecurity has become a growing cause for concern in the United States and indeed countries around the world. On February 9, 2016 President Barack Obama announced his Cybersecurity National Action plan (CNAP) to further the nations efforts to protect government agencies, citizens, and businesses from cyber threats domestic and abroad. However, cybersecurity is not a new issue in fact it is as old as the internet itself. With that said, I keep thinking back to that warm September day stained with the image of an enormous fireball engulfing our small TV set. This horrific day changed the course of history forever along with my future career path. At WIT I hit the ground with a running start and a determined mindset not only achieve the best…show more content…
Working as a TA was an amazing experience because I was not only able to share my passion for computer science within the WIT community, but was also able to solidify my own knowledge of the subject. During my first few weeks on campus Dr. Wu introduced me to several of his colleagues within the department, Dr. Jones Yu and Dr. Mira Yun. When meeting with both of them I was able to express my passion for computer science and also my determined mindset to work towards a Ph.D. in computer science after obtaining a B.S. and M.S in CS and a MASt in Applied Mathematics. When I expressed these interests they both decided that teaching me to think and work as a graduate student would be beneficial to my future goals. As a result of this they offered me the opportunity to work on research in the fields of mobile privacy, language learning, and new student orientation applications. Through working with Dr. Yun and Dr. Yu I was given the amazing opportunity to obtain research experience early on in my academic career and was taught how to think and work as a graduate

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