Cybulling Meaning: The Dangers Of Cyberbullying Means

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Cyberbullying CYBERBULLYING MEANS- Technology plays a very important role in everyone’s life nowadays. It has become an inseparable part in human’s life also its growing presence cannot be denied but there are also some disadvantages of this growing technology which cannot be ignored which is Cyberbullying. It is a form of harassment an intentional act done by any person using electronic forms of contact and also communication tools which are social media sites, text messages etc. cyberbullying is done to threaten, embarrass, humiliate any person. It has been a serious issue in every country because the number of adults using technology nowadays has been increased especially between teenagers which ultimately leads to cyberbullying and serious harm to the victim as well as their family. It can be said that they are two sides of same coin while using technology inappropriately can lead to such dangerous problems but making use of that same technology for educational purpose can actually be a lot beneficial. It has been emerged as a serious issue thus proper use and its consequences has to be explained to today’s generation those policies have to be clearly communicated among them because it has widespread effect. While these policies are to be clearly communicated action has to be taken if cyberbullying arises. There are lot of steps taken to prevent this such as minimum age to be granted on

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