Cycle Of Violence In The Outsiders

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The three of many reasons on why gangs fight are pride, self preservation, and the cycle of violence. One reason why gangs so ferociously fight is because of pride. For example, in the book The Outsiders the character Dally fights constantly. In the book, it states that Dally would go to gang fights just to let off steam, which shows he finds fighting soothing. Another example of pride causing fighting between gangs is from the article Rest in Peace Doc. In the text one of the Ventures stopped the narrator from trying to help. The Venture’s exact words were, “No, this is our fight. You stay here and keep the girls here. If we both leave they will leave. This is Ventures business and we will handle it.” Part of his words show pride for his gang…show more content…
Also, in the book The Outsiders, there is a similar character in the book like Desi, Johnny, but instead of Johnny’s parents getting harassed, he gets harrassed by his parents. This shows that Johnny joined the gang for the protection of himself, but, as stated before, the gang would have to fight others to protect Johnny. The last explanation on why gangs fight is because of the continuous cycle of violence. The cycle of violence is an explanation of how violence can cause more violence, and the article Rest in Peace Doc states an example of the cycle of violence. It declared that after one of the Ventures had been shot, he fought with all his strength to get as many shots as he could with his own gun on the other shooter. In addition, one of the events in The Outsiders showed another fitting example of the cycle of violence. The event had occurred during a jumping or ambush by another gang on the greasers gang. Recently during that time, one of the gang members from the attacking gang, called the Socs, was drowning Ponyboy, the main…show more content…
Well, there are many strategies on attempting a method to stopping parts of the cycle. One of those methods could be acceptance and understanding. A possible way to apply the method of acceptance and understanding to the cycle of violence is to understand where people are coming from. To put into logical reasoning, if we could all understand, not all of it but part of it, why someone is like something then we can get ourselves to stop violence and figure out acceptance for each other. This rule could apply to The Outsiders if the greasers accepted that the Socs just ended up to be the rich side kids and be spoiled the greasers would be able to understand their problem and may even help ending up fixing the problem. Thus, there wouldn’t be violence if we could all be understanding of each other. The next way we could all help to stop the continuing cycle of violence is problem solving. To demonstrate problem solving, after having going through the procedure of understanding and acceptance you could problem solve the situation, such as the incident in the Rest in Peace Doc article. Even though the time was very confusing when the event had started to occur, the narrator could have found a way to find more information to get a better understanding of the situation to then figure out a solution to stop the event from being so dark. The narrator also could have found a place where the ladies could have left so they
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