Kneading Technique Lab Report

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1.1. CYCLODEXTRIN1, 2, 3:- For drugs to be pharmacologically active, they essential have assured degree of water solubility, and also maximum of them should be lipophilic in instruction to be permeable to the biological membranes through passive diffusion. The water solubility of drug is characterized by its potency and its type of formulation. The hydrophilic property will prevent the dissolved drug molecule to separate from the hydrous exterior into a lipophilic bio membrane and then permeate the membrane. High-throughput screening techniques involved in the drug development have resulted in an increased number of lipophilic water-insoluble drugs whose clinical advantages are affected by their insolubility in water. The effect
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Complexation techniques(1,13,12)
Different methods can be used to transport out the complexation of the cyclodextrin with drug. approximately of which are described lower:
1.4.1. Physical blending/milling/co-grinding: Mechanical energy is used to mixture, mill or co-grind the drug and the cyclodextrin.
1.4.2. Kneading Technique: In this technique Cyclodextrin is initially taken in mortar then drug is gradually further into it and using small percentage of water it is triturated using pestle to get a paste like uniformity. The over head paste is kneaded for enough time then this mixture is dried and is passed through appropriate sieve.
1.4.3. Co-precipitation technique: The Cyclodextrin and the drug are additional to water or alcohol and a saturated solution is shaped at 40-600C and after that it is cooled to precipitate the complex and it is clarified or centrifuged.
1.4.4. Freeze drying technique: In this technique, water and co-solvent blend is used to dissolve drug and Cyclodextrin, and by freeze drying the solution complexes can be isolated.
1.4.5. Spray drying: Using appropriate solvent a monophasic solution of drug and CD is equipped then it is stirred to achieve equilibrium and then solvent is impassive by spray
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