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1 Development of Poly-Cyclohexanone Resin Material for Coating Applications Appala Naidu Uttaravalli*, Srikanta Dinda Dept. of Chem. Engg., BITS?Pilani Hyderabad Campus, Hyderabad ? 500078, India *Corresponding author Email: Abstract: In the present work, polymerization reactions of cyclohexanone were carried out in a high pressure reactor. The effect of reaction parameters such as reaction time, temperature, and catalyst loading on hydroxyl value, iodine value, solubility, and average molecular weight of products was investigated. In the study, reaction time was varied from 10 17 hrs, reaction temperature was varied from 130 150 C, catalyst concentration was varied from 20 40%. The result shows…show more content…
Synthetic resin from cyclohexanone was first patented by BASF in 1930. Synthetic ketonic resins with different trade names like Laropal K80, MS2, AW2 and Ketone N are available for coating applications [1]. From the aforementioned literature survey, it has been observed that most of the studies were carried out on dimerization, trimerization and tetramerization reactions of cyclohexanone or alkyl cyclohexanone [2 5]. Very few studies are available in the literature on oligomerization or polymerization of cyclohexanone / alkyl cyclohexanone with aldehyde (mainly formaldehyde) to obtain a ketone aldehyde resin [6 9]. To the best of our knowledge, M/s. BASF Germany is the sole manufacturer of ketonic resins which are prepared from cyclohexanone and alkylated cyclohexanone [10 11]. Dinda et al. [12], have studied the self polymerization reaction of cyclohexanone using a high pressure reactor to prepare a solid resin. 2 Experimental Details 2.1 Materials In the present study, chemicals for synthesis such as cyclohexanone, methanol, and KOH were procured from S

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