Hydro Cyclone Filter Essay

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In this project we are going to make a hydro cyclone filter for separating the liquid and solid contaminants from the gaseous flow. Generally a hydro cyclone filter is a device which is used to classify, separate or sort the particles in the liquid suspension. The separation of the liquid solid contaminants from the liquid suspension is done on the basis of the ratio of their centripetal force to fluid resistance. The centripetal force is generated by using the compound vortex motion in the vessel. The compound vortex motion is generated by the anticlockwise motion of the liquid and the gas mixture. This ratio is high for dense and coarse particles, however, for light and fine particles, it is low. AIMS AND OBJECTIVES OF THIS PROJECT In this…show more content…
The upper surface between the surface of the liquid filter medium and the top of the vessel constitutes the gas separator cyclone chamber. In this zone, the mixture of the clean air and the contaminated liquid filter medium can be introduced by means of an entry nozzle. The gas is thrown off from the vessel by means of the exhaust with the help of the air outlet into the atmosphere. As soon as the liquid mass enters the surface of the liquid consisting of the bottom of the gas separator cyclone chamber it exerts a circular gyration or a centrifugal force to that body due to its momentum and thus the activates the required rotational motion in the liquid cyclone chamber. Due to this centrifugal motion, the solid contaminants will be removed from the gaseous flow. The gas cyclone chamber consists of a nozzle which collects all the mixture coming from the outlet of the gas liquid compound primary cyclone vessel. The primary cyclone vessel will be consisting of spiral vanes which will attached to the top and the bottom of the cavity. The spiral vanes are mostly arranged centrally inside this cavity. The mixture is made to enter into the body of the vessel tangentially in order to further impart or generate the cyclonic

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