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3.2.4 The catalyst concentration on epoxidation of cyclooctene using the investigated VO-complexes The effect of the catalyst was discovered by insertion of different molar ratios of the complex catalysts (L1VO, L2VO, L3VO and L4VO) to cyclooctene in the oxidation process (0.02, 0.05 and 0.10 : 1, respectively) using aqueous H2O2 in acetonitrile at 90 °C for 2 h (the optimized reaction conditions). In another words, the effect of the amounts of the catalysts related to the amount of the substrate (cyclooctene) on the epoxidation processes with 0.02 : 1, 0.05 : 1 and 0.10 : 1 (cyclooctene : catalyst). The results are reported in Table 9. The catalytic potentials of L1VO, L2VO, L3VO and L4VO at catalytic amount of 0.02 mmol has been studied and reported in Tables 4-7. The increase of the catalyst molar ratio to 0.05 and 0.10 mmol caused improvement in the rate of 1,2-cyclooctene oxidation with higher conversion compared to the catalytic amount 0.02 mmol of the VO-complexes. Unfortunately, the chemoselectivity was reduced by increasing the amount of the catalyst VO-complexes to be 65,…show more content…
When the catalytic amount of the catalyst increased to the double amount (0.10 mmol) of the catalyst complexes, their catalytic activity was more reduced to the

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