Cyfro Marketing Strategy

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However, it is important from the prospect of CYFRO that they must implement their strategies viably in order to attain their set goals and objectives in a more appropriate manner. 3.3.4. Forecasting the Requirement of Resources In order to manage the physical resources viably it is important from the prospect of CYFOR that they must forecast the requirement for the resources that would be used to perform their core activities. However, with the help of appropriate estimation it would definitely help the organisation to minimise some of the key expenditure in order to enhance the level of efficiency to the utmost level. Moreover, there are different things that should be considered by the policy maker in order to minimise the level of risk…show more content…
Contribution of Marketing Activities in Achieving Organisational Objectives Human resource management plays a significant role in achieving objectives of the organisation with the help of making use of HR scheming. Marketing is the most important aspect of running a business because it helps in attracting customers. Marketing activities are adopted on the basis of organisational objectives as the main aim of the firm is to achieve their target. With the help of marketing activities, the company is able to spread word about their brand among customers. The ability to analyse the emerging opportunities for the business is availed by making use of effective marketing activities. Moreover, the marketing activities also help the firms in analysing the competitors because it is the important phase of promoting a brand. Effective marketing strategies not only focuses on meeting the needs of the consumers but it also consider the competitors because these two are the main aspects of achieving organisational goals (Budhwar & Debrah,…show more content…
Marketing operations play different role within an organisation. The main role of marketing operations includes integration, providing competitive advantage, and managerial role of marketing. It is noticed that organisational success is not only dependent on the operations of marketing but it also incorporates other functional units. With the help of marketing operations, the business gains the ability to attain information about customer values, competition, and market trends, which is used by the organisation such as CYFOR for integrating other departments in the pursuit of organisational success. Integration is one of the important marketing operations that are used by CYFOR because it helps them in linking their marketing activities with the functions of the organisation on which the success of the company is highly dependent. While on the other hand, providing competitive advantage is another marketing operation that is used by CYFOR for promoting their brand. Marketing provides them opinion about the competitors’ approaches and strategies due to which they focus on gaining competitive advantage. This is done by offering products and services that are preferred by customer in lowest possible price. Moreover, managerial role of marketing is another marketing operation that is used by CYFOR for achieving

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