Summary Of Fat Acceptance A Basic Primer By Seminara Geissler

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Fat acceptance: A basic primer Critique essay Cynara Geissler’s article “Fat Acceptance: A Basic Primer” was first published in Geez Magazine in 2013. Geissler addresses a lot of issues about fat acceptance and how it is affecting our society and people’s attitudes towards over-weight people. One of the reasons why Geissler thinks that is because many health industries now days have a slogan “Thinner is better” and that makes over-weight people seem lazy or just not willing to put the effort to become better. Most importantly Geissler mentions that health industries and causing people to make a negative attitude towards overweight people which can be seen. Those are just some issues that this article touches upon, most importantly culture plays an important role in a person’s life which has a lot of value. I agree with Geissler and her point of view, but there are thing that I just disagree with. Geissler mention’s in her article “we live in a fat-fearing and food-moralizing culture where magazines, movies (often involving the hackneyed application of fat suits).” Which has been shown in a couple of television shows as well as some movies. For example; fresh prince of bell air a hit show that started in 1990. One of the episodes was named “will steps out” in that episode the main character Will Smith had to wear a fat suit which was funny, but on the other hand, he was criticized by random people just because he was overweight. Although, the tone of In this
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