Cyntoia Brown Case Study

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The disposition of juvenile crime is based on the least detrimental alternative. One major issue in juvenile disposition is utilized in indeterminate sentencing. This allows the judge to set a maximum sentence for the juvenile. Many cases juveniles are monitored during their sentencing and are released only if the judge is satisfied that they have been rehabilitated or at least until the maximum sentence is served. Introduction In the case of The State of Tennessee vs. Cyntoia Brown 2006 was a good example of teen acting impulsively and under duress. Cyntoia Brown, a 16 year old tried as a juvenile but sentenced as an adult to life in prison is a prime example of a child lost into the juvenile justice system. One night in particular changed…show more content…
Though the system will maintain rehab as a primary goal, it distinguishes itself from the criminal justice. With a number of exceptions, in most states delinquency is outlined because the commission of a criminal act by a baby World Health Organization was underneath the age of eighteen at the time; most states conjointly enable youth to stay underneath the oversight of the court till age twenty one. In part of jail, court judges draw from a spread of legal choices to satisfy each the protection wants of the general public and therefore the treatment wants of the youth. When the juvenile 's case gets to court, the case is adjudicated, and a disposition is handed down. Records from juvenile courts are sealed documents, in contrast to adult records that are accessible by anyone underneath the liberty of data Act. Like diversion, this live is meant to guard the juvenile in order that one mistake doesn 't follow the juvenile for keeps. Juvenile records may be expunged upon the juvenile 's eighteenth birthday provided the juvenile has met sure conditions, like sensible behavior. Judicature procedure is additionally so much less formal than adult court procedure. The disposition of a juvenile case is predicated on the smallest amount harmful different, therefore the inheritance of parens patriae remains evident. However, one major tilt in juvenile inclinations is that the use of…show more content…
Currently, Americans are turning away from hard core scare tactics such as "Scared Straight" and Boot Camp facilities. Americans seem to reason that these are to explicit and violent of programs. I believe that the truth hurts and teens need to know what it’s really like. The "get tough on crime" philosophy of the 1990 's has been lost in the last ten years with a shift toward group based therapy or group rehabilitation systems. A parent must be willing to put in the effort to learn the necessary skills and properly apply these skills to produce a non-delinquent child. Most of the problems with youth today come from a lack of structure, love, and

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